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For people living with mental health needs, TLC St Luke's is a one-stop shop where participants can access a range of support, advice and activity.  We are friendly and informal, and getting involved is an easy process.

Based at St Luke's Church in Longsight, we offer a holistic range of interrelated services addressing: mental health and well-being; the arts, creativity and expression; healthy living; faith; community; and advocacy, guidance and advice.

We provide a variety of drop-in sessions and activities. Services such as counselling, community groups, art studio sessions, and complementary therapy treatments have allowed those attending the St Luke's Centre over the years to improve their social networks, gain improved mental, physical and emotional well-being, and gain self-esteem and confidence.


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Pop Up Cafes


Title: Pop-Up Cafes: Bringing people together through food.


Since June 2017, 4Lunch has been running a pop-up café for charity TLC St Luke’s, based in Longsight, and another pop-up lunch for Arawak Walton Housing Association and their over 65s residents living in at Daisy Bank Court.


We make home-cooked, healthy food for members of the community who might otherwise face social isolation. Bringing people together through food in a welcoming environment encourages conversation, supports friendships and offers a place for people to socialise.


“We were looking at different ways to get people together in the scheme. Most residents eat microwave meals, so it is great for them to receive a homecooked meal from 4Lunch and use our lounge” – Sabrina, Daisy Bank Court Scheme Manager


When you live with mental health needs or live alone, sharing a home-cooked meal with others can help you feel more connected. It’s something most of us take for granted. Running a pop-up café is 4Lunch’s way of contributing to our community each month, working in areas and in venues that are underutilised.


Our pop-up café project also provides important volunteering opportunities. James has been a volunteer at the pop-up café from the very beginning and has seen his confidence in the kitchen grow.


“Now I have something to look forward to every month with the pop-up cafe. The activities at TLC St Luke’s have really help me connect with others and enjoy life more. Working with at the pop-up cafe is an important part of keeping busy and getting me out of the house.” James, Kitchen Volunteer


Our pop-up lunches are open to all members of the community – we say the more the merrier!


The remaining 2018 dates are:


Friday 12th October – Arawak Walton, Daisy Bank Court, Daisy Bank Rd, Manchester M14 5GF

Thursday 22nd November – TLC St Luke’s, Guidepost Road, Longsight, Manchester M13 9HP

Friday 14th December – Arawak Walton, Daisy Bank Court, Daisy Bank Rd, Manchester M14 5GF


All from 12.30pm


4Lunch is a social enterprise working with communities in Greater Manchester, delivering cookery courses, catering and food business training.


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xmas meal

xmas meal







"A grass roots organisation, motivated by genuine concern for the well-being of others, at the centre of which are core values of kindness, warmth, a listening ear and an open door. Through this combination, all the activities on offer seek to bring about a sense of wholesness and healing."

Dr R Story, 2009

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